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My Secret Photos
Touch ID Secure Photos & Videos
Manage your photo and video collection with simplicity and keep track of who has tried to break-in using Touch ID, advanced location tracking, e-mail reports and break-in intruder photo.

My Secret Photos allows you to keep your private photos and videos private, away from your Camera Roll and away from prying eyes. With a numerical keypad or Apple's own Touch ID you can lock away your content for extra security!

Break-In Alerts
Sharing your photos has never been so quick and easy! Simply connect to your email, social network accounts or cloud services and let Quick Snap do the rest, leaving you to enjoy the party and concentrate on capturing the best moments!
  • Catch Intruders with break-in photo & GPS location
  • E-mail Break-In Reports with intruder photo & location
  • Take & store photos/videos within the app
  • Decoy passcode mode
  • Touch ID Support
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